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Terms & FAQ


Rates : 

All our rates on this website are only available for people with a valid passport other than a South African passport
If the booking is cancelled more than 72 hours before pickup the full amount will be refunded. If cancelled less than 72 hours before first pick up no refund will be made.
The rates are in South African Rands.
The rates are guaranteed at time of reservations, thereafter any modification will result in rate or price defaulting to current values.
A rental day is calculated as a 24 hour period which starts from the time of pick-up.
Rates are only applicable to fully pre-paid bookings.
No refund will be made if the car is returned early.
Late returns will be charged at 150% of the daily rate.
The minimum age of a second driver is 18 years providing that the driver has been in possession of a drivers licence for a minimum of a year.
Deposits for fuel and extras must be settled direct and you will need a valid credit card in order to collect the vehicle. We retain the right to collect any extra expenses from your credit card. Authorisation for the amount of R5000.00 will be reserved on the credit card. When the customer returns the car and no charges are applicable, the authorisation will be refunded.
All toll fees and Etol fees are for the clients account and will be deducted from the clients credit card.
Traffic fine administration fee is R300.
Extension of the rental period will be according to the agreed extension rate which is roughly 150% of the pre-paid daily rate.


Extra kilometer.

Unlimited km apply for all 4×4 ( 4 wd ).


Drivers :

All drivers to have a valid drivers license from their country of origin. We do however require an International Driver License for rentals outside the South African border.
The minimum age of drivers is 25. Any age below is subject to written approval.
Vehicles are allowed to drive on public bitumen / tar roads as well as public recognised tracks in Southern Africa. Pre-approved written permission is required for full off-road use eg : 4×4 (4 wd) tracks and routes.


Your Rental :

Rental fee is calculated on a daily calendar rate.
Minimum rental period is seven days. For shorter periods please contact us for a detailed quote.
When making your reservation a 10% non-refundable deposit is required.
All refunds are subject to the daily spot rate as published by any of the four large commercial banks in South Africa.
On pick up of the 4×4 (4 wd) a full inspection is made together with the client. All equipment supplied is checked and thereafter the upkeep and safe keeping thereof is the responsibility of the client.


Insurance :

Our vehicles are 100% insured. There are no additional bonds or any other amounts payable.
The rental rates you are quoted includes your insurance.
The excess is R6000.00 on all our vehicles.
Clients are required to assist Temba with the claim / repair / reporting processes. Failure to assist will result in claims that would need to be settled by the client in full.
If the insurance declines the claim the damage remains the responsibility of the client unless Temba Car Hire is responsible for the refusal to pay the claim by the insurance.


Items Excluded :

Damage to tires – burst or flat tires is the responsibility of the client to repair / replace.                                            Damage to windows are excluded – is the responsibility of the client to repair/replace.
Our insurance will not cover you should you drive the 4×4 (4 wd) under the following circumstances :
Driving under the influence of liquor, drugs or any substance that prevents you from driving properly.
Driving in breach of any traffic laws eg: excessive speed.
Damaged caused by careless, willful or reckless driving.
Water submersion (river crossing) or salt water damage (launching of boats).
Incorrect use of high / low range and diff locks.
Any person driving the 4×4 (4 wd) who was not recorded in the rental agreement.
Picking up of hitch hikers or passengers, or persons who are not recorded in the client information.
Use of the vehicle for any illegal activity.
Full off-road use or use on restricted roads without consent by South Africa 4×4 (4 wd).


Repair to Vehicle :

All vehicles are late models with full service history, but should minor repairs be required the renter is permitted to make minor repairs up to the value of R 2000.
For a refund on repairs undertaken full invoices need to be handed to our office on return of the vehicle. Refund will be in cash / EFT and paid immediately on return of the rental.
Any repairs above R 2000 require pre-approval – please phone our 24 hour help line number which will be provided to you once your reservation has been confirmed.


Replacement of Vehicle :

We reserve the right to substitute the vehicle with a comparable or superior vehicle in circumstances beyond our control. This includes, but is not limited to breakdowns, late returns, customs and accidents.
We endeavour to replace a vehicle that cannot be repaired within 48 hours (in South Africa) and within 72 hours (outside of South Africa).
No vehicle will be replaced if the vehicle was driven at excessive speeds or taken into areas not specified (country or restricted roads) on the rental agreement. We monitor these activities with satellite tracking.
Clients that mislead Temba Vehicle Hire in order to undertake repairs or replace a vehicle will be held liable for the cost associated with the repair (actual invoice) or replacement and call out cost of R8.00 per km.


General :

An early return = no refund.
Late returns will be charged on a per day basis.
All border fees of whatever nature, 3rd party insurance, road tax or any other fees payable to cross borders remain for the cost of the client.
We reserve the right to amend quotes.
We reserve the right not to enter in a rental agreement.
Temba Car Hire cannot be held liable for 3rd party nonperformance (accommodation / camp sites, activity providers).
Any problems experienced with a rental vehicle should be reported in writing during the rental period or at drop off. We accept no liability for any claims submitted thereafter.
All relevant documentation (permission letters, cross border documents) will be handed to you on collection of the vehicle. Should you request a re-issue of these documents a fee of R500 is applicable.
We do not offer assistance should the client run out of fuel / diesel / lose the vehicle keys or put in incorrect fuel.
Please make sure you have a copy of your driver’s license, identity document and passport when on route.
All pictures, illustrations and text are representations only. Variances could occur.
All disputes will be settled under the jurisdiction of a Magistrates Court in South Africa.
Clients indemnify and hold harmless Temba Travel, Temba Car Hire or any of their employees or any director, employee or appointed agent, of and from any loss, damage or claim of whatsoever nature or form.




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First National Bank
Branch: Somerset West – South Africa
ACC Nr. 620 833 214 07
Branch Code: 200 512
International Payments only: Swift Code FIRNZAJJ


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Branch: Nelson Mandela Harare
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