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Toyota Land Cruiser 4×4 Hire

Toyota Land Cruiser 4×4 Hire Here Today!

Off-road bundu bashing has never been more exciting than with the Toyota Land Cruiser Station Wagon. This is certainly a high quality all wheel drive vehicle.

This huge vehicle is often used to transport 10 commuters. However we have replaced some of the seats with storage drawers and a fridge. This 4×4 vehicle is for two people who want to tour and camp with enough space.

The 6-cylinder engine (capacity 4200 cm3) has a fuel efficiency of between 12,6 liter per 100

km (according to the car fuel index) to 14,77 liter per 100 km (actual off-road performance, fully loaded). The vehicle is equipped with 180 l diesels tanks.

The manual gearbox has 5 gears. Driving in off-road circumstances demands adequate safety features and the Toyota Land Cruiser 4×4 Wagon’s certainly provides this with its advanced safety cell cabin, ABS-brakes (disk brakes in front), airbags (driver, passenger and side) and side-impact protection, curtain shield airbags, head impact protection trim as well as an energy absorbing steering wheel boss.

Temba 4×4 and Vehicle Hire provide the vehicle fully equipped for two people. This includes a fridge and a 220 v invertor to provide electricity for lighting and charging of batteries.

The 4×4 vehicle has remote control central locking and a transponder key immobiliser. You will have a comfortable journey with air conditioning, radio/CD player and electric windows.

All our vehicles are late models with low km and still under factory guarantee. Our Toyota Land Cruiser Wagons are also supported by the Toyota Care Roadside Assistance Programme which entitles customers to 24-hour roadside assistance, ensuring ultimate peace-of-mind motoring.

The camping gear and other accessories are the best on the market. One person can set up or break camp within 5 minutes. Two people will do it in half the time.

The rooftop tent is specially designed to erect or to collapse in a matter of seconds. Just pull the rope, lock the hinges and you are ready for departure. There is a single mattress in the vehicle if you would prefer to sleep inside. It is very handy when driving long distances and one person might want to rest while the other does the driving.


The following equipment comes standard with this vehicle. However, please note that this equipment is not guaranteed by Toyota and is not serviced by their dealers.

– 1 x Roof top tent Fridge/freezer 50 l

– 1 Water bottle

– Twin battery system 220 invertor 80 water tank

– Tool box GPS

– Jack

– Fire extinguiser

– Braai grid

– Camping table

– Camping chairs x 2

– Gas bottle 3 kg

– Small & medium pot

– Pan

– Roasting dish

– Cereal bowl x 3

– Cuffee mugs x 3

– Dinner plates x 3

– Victorinox steak knives x 3

– Table knives x 3

– Forks x 3

– Teaspoons x 3

– Steel glasses x 3

– Salt and pepper for use

– Cutting board

– Dish sponge and scourer for use

– Dish cloth new for use

–  Dishwashing liquid 250 ml for use

– Serving dishes x 2

– Steel wine glasses x 5

– Grater x 1

– Can opener and cork screw x 1

– Dishing up spoon x 3

– Milk jug x 1

– Whisk x 1

– Egg lifter x 1

– Large Victorinox cutting knife

– Victorinox bread knife

– Knife bag

– Measuring jug x 1

– Wooden spoon x 1

– Barbeque tong x 1

– Steel tea pot x 1

– PVC table cloth

– Oven mits x 1 set

– 250 ml olive oil for use

– 10 x boxes of matches for use

– Sugar x 500 g for use

– 250 g Nescafe instant coffee for use

– 250 g Cremora for use

– 1 l milk for use

– 250 g tea bags for use

– Patch kit

– Tow strap & pair of gloves

– D-Shackles x 2

– Spade

– Jumper cables

– Reflector jacket

– Fuel siphon

– Emergeny triangle

– Axe

– Q 20

– Multi-purpose stress ties

– Oil 4 x 500 ml

– Tyre Weld x 2

– Padlocks

– Shifting spanner

–  Tyre pump

– Wheel spanner

– Jack

– Camp lights x 2

– 8 m extension cord with double plug

– Multi Plug x 1 (takes two 3 point plugs and 1 Europe plug and two 2 point plugs)

– Australian Multi Plug (optional, but free for Australian and New Zealand customers)

– Brush set

– Fire lighters for use

– Head lamp or torch with batteries

– 10 large rubbish bags for use

– 2 plate gas burner

– 1 pack toilet paper for use

– Clothing pegs x 10 for use

– Wash basin x 1

– Pillow cases x 3

– Pillows x 3

– Duvets x 2

– Towels x 2

– Sheets 1 set

– Surgical gloves

– CPR mouth piece

– Tweezers

– Band aids

– Injection needles x 5

– Burn shield x 4

– 20 Parecetemol tablets for pain

– Elastoplast

– Scissors

– Bandages 2 different sizes

– Wet Wipes

– Cotton swabs